UWA Tournament

As if getting out of the house at 7:30am on a cold weekend morning isn’t an impressive accomplishment enough, our boys went on to give a stellar effort in the day-long baseball tournament at the University of Western Australia. It was the Kelmscott Bulldogs that reigned supreme under the stormy clouds on a frozen Sunday pushing through the day’s tournament undefeated.

Alex ‘Buttercup’ Haynes led off the competition as he thundered a pitch well beyond the measurements of the absent homerun fence. Shane Aaron ‘Streety’ Street is back in action for the Bulldogs, pitching out the first two complete games. The youth of the team performed well with both bat and glove, together providing the endurance necessary to see the Doggies through the long day. Dylan ‘DJ’ Evans takes a special mention with his performance on the mound in the relief spot, securing the win against the host, UWA. Patrick 'Patty' Carlin also smashed a HR ball intro the stratosphere which is expected to complete its orbit in mid to late December, 2016.  

In his return from injury, Kurt ‘Hollywood’ Russell took the field at 2nd base, only to have busted his knee on the jog out onto the ground – his future remains uncertain.

All-in-all, the team represented the Club to its highest standard and in a collective player effort, were able to have a perfect day on the diamond.